Supply & Demand

It’s that time of the year again…low inventory time. Every year at this time folks tend to stop thinking about selling their homes in favor of getting ready for the Holidays and simply wait for the New Year to start the process. 2011 is no different than any other year it would seem. Today, there are 16 active single family homes listed for sale in Foster City. One of them is actually a vacant lot too. The house burned down in a fire a few years ago. Now it’s bank owned to boot.

It’s sort of a tough time if you’re looking to buy because there just isn’t much to look at…and what’s there isn’t exactly super exciting either. Consequently, the less than exciting places are getting quite a bit of interest. If you can do it, wait until after the first of the year. You’ll have more selection. Seems like every time I call about a house on the market in FC right now too I’m hearing that multiple disclosure packets have gone out and there’s tons of interest. I guess if you want to compete now’s the time. No supply, lots of demand.

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