Congratulations to Art Kiesel for being re-elected to the FC City Council and to Steve Okamoto and Herb Perez for their election victories last night as well. They ran well fought campaigns and deserve the win. Naturally, I was a little bummed that my cousin Jennifer didn’t win last night, but as active as she is in this community she’ll have plenty of years of service that are yet to come. Honestly, I’m REALLY proud of her campaign and the effort she put forth. She came pretty darn close…losing by 65 votes is certainly no disgrace.

Congrats once again to everybody involved on a well fought campaign. Here’s a link to the SJ Mecury-News article today on the totals:


  1. Lydia - Jim's Assistant says:

    And special recognition to Jennifer and all of those who were so prompt in cleaning up their sign clutter at every intersection.

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