It’s Back…

It just keeps coming back, doesn’t it? I’m talking about the big 15 acre site/Village Square/Parkview Plaza/Whateveryouwanttocallit. This time around there’s competition between two developers with totally different plans who brought their ideas before the City Council yesterday in an effort to persuade folks that theirs is the way forward. Sares-Regis “Village Square” plan is sort of a modified version of what they hoped to provide a few years ago and the other by Community Partners includes townhouse and condominium units amongst 5 different projects that would come together in one whole. The council will meet in closed session on the 19th for further discussions and will vote on the lease or sale of the site on October 3.

Here’s a link from the Mercury-News with more details:

Foster City Takes Another Look At Developing Key Site

Also, here’s todays SM Daily Journal’s spin:

Foster City Weighs Options For 15 Acre Site


  1. There’s never a dull moment in Foster City! 😉

  2. “Part of the land was originally set aside by T. Jack Foster to build a high school but …”

    Thanks, Mr. Foster!

  3. What Foster City needs is a HIGH SCHOOL! Given the quality of the Middle School, there is no doubt that a Foster City High School would be outstanding. It will not only benefit all the families with kids but also every Foster city resident including the city since an outstanding high school would sure add significantly to the property value..

    It fails me why the movement towards building a high school has not been successful..

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