Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 160

Well, there sure were plenty of informative answers on Friday! I think of this “tent” as a big storage locker. That’s because Foster City has this ruole about where Realtors can place their open house signs and when you’re in violation of that rule somebody collects your sign and takes it to this place. Once, when I went to the City to get a sign back, they sent me to the tent, and I discovered that a whole lot of this structure was filled with realtor A-frames! Anyway, Congratulations to Debbie Yeung who was first to answer and wins the $30.00 Jamba Juice gift card. Also answering correctly was Shrikant, Nina, Jeff, Edna, Bill, Nancy, Chris Hsiung, Shobana, Dana Ferri, Archana, Jeff Pounder, Anita Reimann, Eddie Imperial, Divine, Ken Williams, Debbie Seligman and J Kwan, as well as Veronica and Ruchi on facebook. Great job you guys! Thanks for playing…see you again on Friday.

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