Foster City Haters? Keep On Walking

I love Foster City.  Let me just put it out there loud and proud for everyone to see.  I could be a bit biased; I was raised here, went through elementary and middle school here, learned how to drive in an empty parking lot here, learned to kick a soccer ball, throw a softball, had my first kiss, first heartbreak, had my first job here and now my husband and I are raising our 3 kids here, are you ready for this?  In the very house I grew up in, so yes, I might be biased I will admit, BUT…..I love Foster City (nickname: The FC), for so many other reasons.

I love the weeknights and weekends at Sea Cloud Park (even with the bone chilling inevitable winds the FC haters always feel compelled to remind me of), which is a true social scene peppered with baseball, softball and soccer games.  I love how I always feel I have tabs on my kids, even when said “tabs” are often other people, or other people’s kids reporting back to me the location of my kids.  Foster City kids at Sea Cloud are always on someone’s radar.  I love when someone thinks their kid is lost (more likely just out of sight), they need only mention it to one person, and it spreads like wildfire.  The “lost” kid is usually found with other “lost” kids over on the turf field or behind the batting cages.  I actually love that I cannot walk into any store or eating establishment without knowing at least one person (usually three or four), and yes, even when I am trying to be incognito.

Yes, FC haters, I love it all.  I still let me kids swim at the lagoon beaches (yes, we FC originals still call them beaches), where I used to swim everyday in the summer, even though the FC haters protestations tell me the water is “gross.”  I actually think the water is better treated and maintained than when I was a kid, and guess what?  My friends and I never became sick or infected in all the years we swam there, and am happy to report, we don’t have any extra toes or any other abnormalities from the “gross” lagoons.  I love when the Dragon Boat clubs are out in the water and you can catch a glimpse of them while driving over a bridge, or even fortunate to watch them race by in your very own backyward on the water.

I love the people I know who tell me they would never live here as it just doesn’t have enough “charm” or “character,” yet somehow their kids are in class with my kids and on soccer and softball teams with my kids (a whole other blog post).  I on the other hand, love the small town feel of FC which you don’t get in San Mateo or Burlingame, even with their charming older houses with lots of character, and yes, the bigger yards which the FC haters mention to me all of the time too.

I do love charm and a rambling Spanish style house which I know I will never have in the FC, but I’ll take my “charmless” and “lacking character” windy, dust bowl of a city with the “gross” lagoons (which by the way will swallow up all of our houses in a big Earthquake), knowing my kids can never get away with much as most likely, someone will tell me of their wanton ways, the social scene at Sea Cloud and the true sense of community, any day of the week.  So FC haters, keep on hating. Just keep it out of the 94404.


  1. Like!

  2. J. Kwan says:

    Very well stated about all the wonderful things that the FC has to offer for all age groups from young to old!

  3. Couldn’t agree more!

  4. Monica Martines says:

    You hit the nail on the head Jennifer. I get the same comments from people. No character, too windy, next big earthquake & we’ll be our own island. But my hubby & I LOVE living in FC. We’ve been residents for 6 years & plan on living here for awhile still.

  5. Dana Ferri says:

    I love it! All those FC-haters are just jealous! 😉

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