Low Dues

I’ve harped alot about the high HOA dues around Foster City over the years and for sure, I think it’s a big issue. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that those projects in Foster City with low HOA dues have some items of concern as well. Well, maybe not concern…but certainly something that should be understood before buying one of them.

After looking at projects with whopping dues (The Islands comes to mind…$706.00 a month) it seems like a drink of cold water on a blistering hot day to find Winston Square at $175.00 a month. The thing is though, when you live at Winston Square you’ll need to be aware that many of the things that are paid for by other more costly HOAs are not covered at that project. For example, last month I had some buyers interested in a unit on Cortez that had a $10,000 plus pest report featuring damage to the exterior siding as well as dry rot on the roof eaves. These exterior fixes are not covered by the HOA. The seller, or buyer, would need to resolve a situation like that. In this case, this project is really more like a single family house that a traditional townhouse.

While the low dues are certainly attractive, it pays to thoroughly examine the HOA documents to amke sure you know what responsibilities you have as a homeowner. It may not hurt to call the HOA as well just to be safe.


  1. Also the WS HOA is pretty restrictive. People who live there cannot even park their cars temporarily in visitor parking spots. Even if tons of them are empty! I don’t know how they know, but I have had notes left on my car even if I had it parked outside for about an hour.

    So even if you are in and out, you MUST park in your garage. My unit has no space to park outside garage either.

    People willingly pay close to 3/4 of a million dollars to live in such a police state 🙂

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