The Latest In Virtual Tours

Well…we’ve reached a whole new, brave new world when it comes to virtual tours and real estate marketing. The above photo is taken from an actual listing in New York City. It’s a condo currently for sale for $2.5 mil that encourages you to “live like Don Draper” from Mad Men. The virtual tour not only shows the home…but includes a couple of particularly sexy models to ad some fantasy to the appeal of this 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit. (for $2.5mil!!!)

Seems that the concept is, show some gorgeous models and the place will sell faster. If these models get’s somebody motivated to pay that kind of money for a 2 bedroom condo…more power to them! Now the question is…will it work in Foster City? What do you think? Should I try this next time I get a 2 bedroom condo listing at the Admiralty of Sand Harbor? Anybody out there want to volunteer to model? Just in case you want to read more, here’s a link to the AOL story where my wife Lesley found this:

Real Estate Broker Warms Up Cold Listings With Hot Models

Oh, yeah…just in case your interested, here’s the rest of the virtual tour:

136 Waverly Place New York

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