It Get’s Weirder

Just when I think it couldn’t possibly get any weirder out there…it does. I swear, I thought I’d seen it all last year too! The latest, for me, came last week when my clients decided to write an offer on a house in the area that’s actually pretty nice and was going to get some interest. First of all, the seller decides to go out of the country just when the house goes on the market. The house is occupied by tenants and thus it’s difficult to show. When we do see it we learn that the house has had an addition, done with permits, but the kitchen has been moved into this added space…without a permit. The seller hasn’t gotten any inspections nor has taken the time to fill out the standard disclosure forms before departing the US. When it’s apparent that there’s going to be multiple offers a date is set to look receive them and when that date arrives and the offers are presented…guess what? The seller, still out of the country, is incommunicado and the agent asks for 72 hours to present the offer to that person. (Why don’t we just wait until the seller is ready to look at the offers, you ask? Who knows.)

Three days later I get an e-mail asking us to come back to them with our “highest and best” offer and a tiny little caveat. We need to take the property subject to the current tenants lease and we’ll need to evict them ourselves. Nice! This couldn’t be disclosed up front? Well of course not…then there wouldn’t be multiple offers. Then there wouldn’t be as much pressure to go higher in price!

I kid you not, I’ve had about 5 scenarios like this so far in 2011. This business is amazing!


  1. Unbelievable!…Glad we finally sold!….

  2. If your gonna use a picture of my house, you really should get permission first

  3. Jim Minkey says:

    If you like that one, Google search “Weird houses”…you won’t believe it!

  4. nice picture.

  5. well, that’s weird. i mean really

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