The Dreaded Flyer

See that thing up there? Look familiar? The “Jane Doe” part is a little funky, but other than that it sure looks familiar. Does it seem important to you? Like something you’ll really, really cherish and want to hand down to future generations within your family? No?

I hate to say it, but it often seems like that to me as an agent holding an open house. Last Sunday I did the unthinkable…I forgot to bring new flyers to my listing in Millbrae when I held it open! Horror of horrors…there were no flyers! You see, we had used up all the previous flyers. There were none left. Now, some of you may be thinking ” What’s the big deal? So what if there’s no flyers?”. If you’re thinking that way, either 1) you’re not interested in buying a home right now and haven’tbeen trolling around open houses or 2) you’re a real estate agent. All the rest of you know what I’m talking about. You see, the flyer is really a secret shield that must be procured upon entering the subject property. It will somehow magically protect you from having undo conversation with the Realtor holding the place open! Sort of like wearing garlic will protect you from a Werewolf or something…right?

I kid you not! In the 20 years I’ve been holding open houses it’s become comical to me just how nervous folks get at my open houses when they get confronted with the reality that we’ve run out of flyers. People get a look on their faces that seems to be the equivalent of being forcibly stripped naked in public. Like ” What am I supposed to do now? Do I actually have to talk to this person? Will he now wrestle me to the floor and make me buy this place? Oh…I wish I had a flyer!!!”

I have to admit…sometimes I actually hide flyers just to scare potential buyers for fun. It’s sort of like when I tell my kids that I gave away their Wii Just Dance 2 game while they were at school. “What! You did What?” They exclaim. “Why would you do that?”they say in absolute horror. “Oh, I just thought those kids down the street needed something to do and thought they might like it…you didn’t mind did you?”. When I tell them I was just joking they usually spend a good five minutes hitting me with something. It’s funny, buyer’s are sort of like that when I tell them I don’t have any flyers…except they don’t chase me around the house if I tell them I was just kidding. I guess flyers are really pretty important.


  1. Jeff Pearl says:

    Fliers can be useful, but also a source of annoyance. I get so sick of sellers calling me to let me know that there are no more fliers in the box. I usually tell them, good, that means people are driving by and checking out the neighborhood. They think our job is to distributes fliers to evryone in their zip code. They never seem to understand that, there are phone #s on the yard sign, an 800# for 24 hr info, a text for info #, and a web site. If the drive buyers are serious about finding out more about your property, they have several options available, not to mention calling their agent to schedulae a showing. I’d rather have 1 serious potential buyer, than 10 drive by curiousity seekers.

  2. That’s a good one Jim. It’s funny how just about everybody shies away from an actual conversation with… gulp, a salesperson! Surely we will only tell them lies and try to trap them into buying something they don’t really want. Like you said though, a little injection of humor is the best way to get people to open up a little bit. Thanks for an amusing post.

  3. Fran Rokicki says:

    Jim, LOL! Love the post! I leave flyers, banker’s flyers and photo cards. Just want to make sure that the buyer has a take away, when he leaves the property.

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