The Currency of Hope

On Tuesday I talked about the possibility of making a mistake that could occur by using more than one real estate agent. In that post the focus was on the consequences to the buyer. This post is about the consequences to an agent. In spite of what alot of folks think, money is nowhere near the most important currency effecting real estate agents. The most important currency is hope.

Unlike most small businesses I can think of, a realtor does all of their work before getting paid a dime. It’s not uncommon for me to work with a client for a year or more before they actually ratify on a home and that means planning showings, previewing homes and driving clients around on sometimes multiple occasions each week, and that’s before I ever write an offer, meet and inspector, meet an appraiser, and go to the Title company. If an client has a different agent in a number of different communities…somebody is going to get screwed. At some point a buyer is going to need to call the other agents and say “Sorry, we bought a house in ________, thanks for all your help but we won’t be needing your assistance anymore”. So much for that 6 months worth of work! Oh, well!

If you subscribe to the notion that all Realtors are rolling in money and that’s just life, I would disagree with that point of view. The thing that motivates a realtor is the hope of getting paid for the work they do up front. I think if your doing 6 months worth of work you should get paid for it. That’s certainly the case if you’re working with an accountant, landscaper, dentist, attorney, painter, plumber, teacher…you name it. I’ll say again what I said on Tuesday, choose a qualified, competent real estate agent to work with you in all of the local communities you’re considering. If they’re working hard, be loyal to them because you’re certainly going to expect them to be loyal to you.


  1. Dean Milington says:

    Right on. Very insightful article Jim.
    Thank you!

    Dean Milington,
    (Another realtor living on HOPE!!)

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