Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 145

Jeez…that was alot easier than I thought! You guys did great! Congratulations to Janny Lee who was first aboard and win’s the $30.00 gift certificate to Kobe Japanese food. Great job Janny! Also arriving correctly was Lakshmi, J Kwan, Nancy Haddad, Linda, Nike, Chris Hsiung, Sandy Hughes, Michelle Pounder, Bill, Harish, Mae Matos, Divya, AR, Wendy Wei, Tina W, Shrikant, Barbara, Edna Chin, Ellen, Michael, Debbie, Julie Wu, Alvin Wang, Kavita, Roro500, Rick Lei and Jeff Pounder and Lina Rubin on facebook. This was actually really close too…lots of you got there within a minute or so of each other. Thanks for playing folks! See you again this Friday!

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