More Turf

I’m sure alot of you have taken advantage of the turf that’s been applied to some of FC’s parks in the last few years. There’s more of it coming since the city has decided to use about 3 million in redevelopment funds to add to Sea Cloud Park and to include Port Royal Park in the wonderful world of turf for soccer playing. This type of surface is significantly cost effective in the long term and will ultimately save Foster City a bundle. It’s also a prime opportunity to use these redevelopment monies as the State of California has it’s eye on this cash to fill it’s own coffers.

Blog friend and superman Steve Toler, Foster City’s finance director, offered to contribute to this piece  with the following comments:

“The City views these fields as not only providing a great amenity to the soccer and baseball players in our community (rain or shine!), but these fields will allow us to conserve up to an additional 2 million gallons of water every year, and will reduce our maintenance costs as we take steps to solve our budget deficit over the next few years. More importantly, I think it’s important to note that Foster City has a ‘pay as you go’ philosophy with its capital improvement projects. While most other cities would have to borrow money at 5-7% interest, we have these funds available now from redevelopment funds over the years, plus park-in-lieu fees from the Pilgrim-Triton development project.  The economy is taking its toll on City finances, but we are managing our money wisely as we continue to weather this economic storm.”

Makes sense to me! Anyway, here’s a link to the SM Daily Journal piece about this:

FosterCity earmarks millions for field fixes

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