It’s Back…Again!

I swear…this is a really confusing subject. Maybe I’m just dumb. It would appear that FEMA has, in fact, released the dreaded flood map that will require folks around here to buy flood insurance. Except…maybe not.

According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, Foster City residents will be required to buy flood insurance as a result of this map except:

“The flood map will not impact insurance rates at least until December, however, as levee improvements the city of San Mateo is currently making should bring the Shoreview neighborhood and Foster City out of the flood zone completely”.

Huh? We’ve always thought that the levee construction taken by San Mateo will resolve the levee issues that have caused the remapping. It would appear from the article that the insurance rates will become effective in December…but the levee repairs will be completed by January 2012. Does that mean the FC homeowners need to pay only one month of flood insurance? Is that map removed or redone in 2012?

I’m confused…here’s the Daily Journal story. If you know the answers to this feel free to enlighten me…and us.

FEMA releases flood map


  1. Yes, I understand this is confusing. The link to the City’s original press release is here – .

    I’m going to try and use simple “non-bureaucraspeak” terms to explain what’s going on:
    1. FEMA published the map that shows FC in a flood zone.
    2. The map is subject to public comment before it is “ratified”
    3. If they make no changes and it is “ratified”, then FEMA says it will go into effect December 2011.
    4. The San Mateo Levee project won’t be done by then.
    5. FC residents with FDIC insured mortgages will be required to buy flood insurance.
    6. The longer FC residents wait to buy flood insurance, but BEFORE the December 2011 timeline, the less likely they will have to buy it again the following year (it’s only good for one year).

    Each person needs to decide how they want to approach this. If they wait until after the map is published, they could end up paying $1,000 more than if they bought it before the map is published.

    As a FC resident, and based on what I know, personally I will not be buying flood insurance now. I will not buy it until I know that FEMA will publish the map and on what date, and I will buy it about one month prior to that. When San Mateo finishes their project and the map is republished with FC OUT of the flood zone, I’ll terminate the insurance coverage.

    That’s what I’m doing. Your mileage may vary. But that’s my perspective based on my understanding of what is going on. Did that help, Jim?


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