Funky Foto Contest Week 136

Sorry!! I got caught at an appointment. This week’s question is a tad obscure too…I’m testing just how good you guys are! The question is…what park is this? It’s one of Foster City’s smallest, has no equipment and you’re looking at just about all of it. If you’re first to tell me which park it is you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Chevy’s.  All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as on the bar above. The winner along with all other correct answers will not be published until Monday morning. Any and all silly jokes, snappy quips and all wrong answers will be published immediately if not sooner. Have a great weekend!


  1. Leo Park

  2. Pompano Park

  3. Leo Dr. at Jupiter Ct.

  4. Leo park

  5. Pompano Park

  6. leo park?

  7. …i.e. Leo park

  8. Pompano Park

  9. Pompano circle park, Jim ?

  10. I love Chevy’s, is it Arcturus, Boothday, Catamaran, Edgewater, Erkenbrack, Furragut, Gateshead, Gull, Ketch, Killdeer, Leo Ryan, Marlin, Pompano, Port Royal, Seacloud, Shad, Sunfish, Turnstone? Did I miss any?

    I am leaning towards Pompano Park.

  11. I’m going to say that this is Pampano Park and the picture is facing west onto Pampano Ct.


  12. oops i meant Pampano Cir.

  13. Its the park on pompano circle

  14. Randi Kortvely says:

    I believe this is Leo Park

  15. Randi Kortvely says:

    OOoo. Pompano Park.

  16. Randi Kortvely says:

    Pompano Park it is.

  17. Pompano park?

  18. pompano park.

  19. Jeff pounder says:

    Pompano park

  20. sunfish park

  21. Pompano park in the center of pompano circle.

  22. the small park on Pompano Circle?

  23. pompano circle park

  24. Pompano?

  25. Pompano Park

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