A Little Trashy

So, how do you like those new trash cans? It seems pretty cool to me but it’s definitely going to get some getting used to. I mean, I like the eco-friendly, green thing about it. It would sure seem that we’re all on the path to being more Earth conscious, responsible citizens…or at least the marketing spin at Recology has lead me to believe that.

I guess it’s just that I’m not sure I’m smart enough to figure out what garbage goes into which container. I know, I know…there’s those nifty little guidebook things that explain it. It’s just that I’m not quite sure exactly where my wife put them, especially when I’ve got a bag full of steaming trash in my hand. I heard that the Turkey carcass that we just used to make soup now goes in the green waste container along with the grass clippings? How about those used cans of cat food…are they in the blue recycle container? I sure hope there aren’t any Recology cops out there waiting to arrest or fine me at the first sign of a mistake on my part! I guess that’s obviously not going to happen since I can almost guarantee that I’ve blown it at least once already. Anyway…it’s all new and pretty cool. So far so good! Here’s a trash story featuring Recology that was in the SJ Merc:

Foster City Joins Trash Rate Hike Club


  1. I like being able to put the recycling out every week and it has us doing composting which is a good thing.

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