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Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 138

OK, now I thought that was a good one on Friday! I also thought I left a little clue in the form of those street lights on the bottom right corner of the pic on Friday. Anyway, it’s the informational sign on the Bay Trail just above Beach Park and Marlin. Actually between Marlin and […]

Nothing Like British Animals

Not bad…

Funky Foto Contest Week 138

Pretty foggy this morning, huh? That’s why we need a roof. This weeks question is, where is this roof? If you’re first to answer that you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Waterfront Pizza at Edgewater Place. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as […]

A Little Trashy

So, how do you like those new trash cans? It seems pretty cool to me but it’s definitely going to get some getting used to. I mean, I like the eco-friendly, green thing about it. It would sure seem that we’re all on the path to being more Earth conscious, responsible citizens…or at least the […]

Earth to Seller…

OK, it’s 2011. Things are improving a little too…I’m certain of that. In spite of that, we’ve just come out of a few pretty lean years to say the least and because of that it would see to me that folks putting their homes on the market would sort of grasp the fact that things just […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 137

Yes, the answer to Friday’s contest was indeed Sunfish Park. Congratulations to Nicole Fabris who was first to answer and wins the $30.00 gift card to Baja Fresh. Great job Nicole! Also arriving with the right answer was Erika Jahnke, Roger, Nancy, Dana, Lawrence Chu, Bill, Debbie, Desma, Kirstin, Irina, Shrikant, Kirk and Veronica Butterfield […]

My Blackberry Is Not Working

Pretty cleaver!

Funky Foto Contest Week 137

Well, last week when I figured I was going to stump you all I discovered that I was way wrong. Maybe this will be the week? The obvious question? Where exactly are these crazy little turtles? If you’re first to tell me that you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Baja Fresh.  All the rules of the […]

Burgers Galore

OK, it’s time for my annual rant about restaurants…or lack thereof, in Foster City. Earlier this week I took the kids to dinner at The Counter in San Mateo. It recently opened across from the Hillsdale Mall in a little space that’s on the corner of the building that houses Trader Joe’s (used to be […]

Predicting the Future

Predicting the future….yeah, right! This really is a strange time in real estate. To me, at least. It’s really difficult to come to any kind of understanding about what’s going on…and thus what 2011 will actually bring. On the one hand I had this experience…I’m working with a young couple who want to buy a […]