So Close…Yet So Far

In yet another classic example of a dog chasing it’s own tail…the San Mateo-Foster City School District is targeting private property in Foster City on which to build a new elementary school. Here’s how the Mercury-News reported it the other day:

“District officials told the board Thursday that they plan to pursue talks over the next two months to acquire private land in Foster City. The district would also survey residents to determine what they are willing to do to support construction of a fourth elementary school in Foster City, officials said.”

Seems like it was just a  month or so ago that the District was talking about a big parcel in San Mateo at the end of Mariner’s Island Blvd. Guess that’s not the only idea they’re thinking about. I just have one question though…any idea where this big piece of public land is going to come from? The only big vacant area I can think of is the dreaded 15 acre site/Village Square. I’m thinking the city’s not going to give that one up. They’ve been clear on this one in the past…as they should be in my opinion. Outside of that, where is this dream property coming from? Think the Metro Center is going to be bulldozed? Is Charter Square big enough? Where’s is this elusive private 5 acres?

I sort of had to laugh at the last part of that quote above too…about the district surveying residents about their willingness to build a 4th elementary school. Are they going to ask residents to give up their residences? Maybe half of Antigua could be bought…or all of Foster’s Landing or Lantern Cove? Actually, come to think of it, I did hear a rumor a few years ago about Lantern Cove being sold or converted into condos…maybe it could be scraped and the land converted into a school!

I honestly can’t think of another alternative…can you? Meanwhile, the photo above sort of says it all to me. One day dizziness will probably cause an end to all this. One things for sure…we havn’t heard the end of this topic. Here’s the wholoe Merc story:

School District Pursues Private Land In Foster City For New Campus


  1. The City made it clear to the District that the 15-acre site is not available … the Council did not feel that the use of that parcel as a school was in the best long-term interest of the community. I believe the School District has moved on to private land opportunities. The article did not indicate they are looking at public land … it says “private land”. So I believe that is where they are focusing their efforts – at least that seems to be what was apparently discussed at their board meeting based on the article. (The media is always right … right?) 🙂

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