On The Chopping Block

Seems that Foster City has a looming budget deficit to the tune of 3.4mil a year. At a study session recently, several items were discussed that would make it apparent that their demise was inevitable. If the city council gives approval in January, FC will begin to scale back some of it’s services beginning next July.

One of the most high profile items of discussion would be the elimination of the 4th of July fireworks display. The current cost to FC is about $44,000…but if the Lion’s Club steps up to handle parking and if a sponsor steps up to pay for the fireworks themselves then it may yet be salvaged.

Foster City TV will pretty much be gutted in this new fiscal year as well, ultimately existing to just broadcast City Council and Planning Commission meetings. All of it’s original programming will be mostly phased out…including, I assume, Foster City News and City Snapshots.

The Senior Express Shuttle, which is available on demand to take seniors to medical checkups and for other errands, will be eliminated.

The Parks and Recreation Department will stop producing its Leisure Update, a quarterly brochure listing all the classes available to residents. Eliminating the Leisure Update will save the city about $10,000 a year.

There’s a few other items as well that will be considered, all of which will save the City money when they’re implemented. All of us are learning to live in a new world…it is hard to imagine, though, living without the 4th of July fireworks. I can’t remember what it was like without them.

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