The Value of Staging-2010

Once upon a time staging took place in darn near every listing there was out there. It always seemed to make sense and since every home sold in the first week or so it sure seemed to pay for itself too. Well, the economic downturn changed that to a great degree. Suddenly paying 2 to 3 thousand dollars to stage a home seemed a little frightening. Making it even more complicated was the possibility that the home won’t sell right away and keeping all that furniture in the place could actually mean additional fees. Consequently staging was done a little less frequently than it was in the past or sellers made attempts to stage using their own stuff…not always with the desired result!

I staged a listing in San Carlos earlier this year that didn’t sell after 3 months and we ended up renting it. Needless to say, it kind of bummed me out to have wasted that time and money on improving that home’s appearance. Honestly though, that was the only property that I was involved with staging this year that didn’t work out. When I look at how many homes have been listed for, seemingly, forever… it’s pretty clear to me that giving a property an edge from a marketing standpoint is maybe more important in 2010 than it ever was.

I had this experience recently at a listing at 3408 Leafwood in San Mateo. It’s a really great attached home that possibly has the most square footage of any property in that area,  but it was a tad concerning that the last unit to sell up there happened in March! My inclination was actually to wait until January, but the sellers really wanted to take the shot now rather than wait since the home is vacant. First of all, we were priced right but I really think that we were aided enormously by a terrific staging job. You can see it by hitting that link up there as well as in the pic above. The home showed fantastically well. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I had handed out 4 disclosure packets within the first 10 days and we sold it before 2 weeks was up.

To me…the staging was invaluable. Even if it’s a great property like this one is, the staging improves it….particularly since it was vacant. The sellers did a great job preparing it by painting and adding granite counter tops in the kitchen and the staging was simply icing on the cake. Needless to say…I’m a believer. Again!


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