The Big Move

 If there is something more stressful than moving, someone, please tell me what it is! I recently found myself in the enviable position of not only moving my house, but moving my business at the same time. This is not something I would ever recommend!

I like to pride myself on my organizational skills. I tend to be a little type “A” if you will. I am neat and tidy. Everything in my home has a place and a purpose. I don’t horde things. I regularly make trips to the Goodwill to donate clothes and other items. My husband actually often accuses me of not having any sentimentality because I secretly toss art work that comes home from school as well as other clutter.

In today’s marketplace one’s already neat and tidy house has to be staged. I decided that I would do this myself, which entailed moving items out of my home, or rather, having my husband move things out of my home. Plus constantly rearranging rooms, taking personal photos out of the house and a litany of other things necessary for the ultimate staging, because if you didn’t know, staging can make or break a sale of a home these days. Of course, we also were still going to live in the house with our 3 young children while the house was on the market. Well…this was probably the most stressful part of all! Having your home look perfect every time you leave in the morning (which if you have kids in school you’re aware of what a whirlwind mornings can be!), is no easy task. Once you get them out the door you can breathe a sigh of relief only to realize they will be returning at some point!

They burst in the door after school, all sorts of schools stuff, dirty shoes, you have to feed them which of course can end up on the spotless floors, and again you have to leave the house spotless as some “hot” prospective buyers are going to see the house in 30 minutes and God forbid we’ll have to tell them this time just isn’t convenient because our 5 year old has just spilled his milk and tracked it all over the house.

Let’s talk about the “hot” buyers! These are the people who are supposedly ready to go, pre-approved, saw your gorgeous home in all of it’s virtual tour glory and think it’s the home for them. You kill yourself trying to get everyone out of the house, make sure it looks as good as it does in the photos and try very hard too not get overly excited. You wait in anxious anticipation…what did they think? Did they love it? No, actually they hated it, sorry, don’t take it personally. Let me tell you, this is not an easy pill to swallow having people critisize  a home you have poured your heart and soul into. Then there’s that 1st offer! Wow! Our house has only been on the market a few days and we have an offer!!

We sign the papers, looks like this is really going to happen. And wait, what? They back out on the same day we signed! Can they do this? Yup, they sure can. Well, this is where having a good and experienced Realtor can really aid in the process of handing you tissues while you mop your eyes that won’t stop dripping tears. They can talk your husband down from the ceiling and tell him it really wasn’t meant to be and a better buyer is just around the corner. And, yes, they were!!

Now the real panic sets in. Packing, packing and more packing. We did hire professional movers which I would say is worth every penny that’s coming out of the escrow check. My organizational gifts did end up paying off in the end but it was a week of pure stress! I recently told my husband that I will die in our new house (which is still filled with boxes and has items in storage) and I will never move again!!!

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