Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 129

The monster in Friday’s picture was actually right there on good ole Foster City Blvd. It was great that so many of you nailed it too! Good job folks! Congratulations to Jim Sakai who arrived first and won the $30.00 gift card to Plaza Gourmet Deli. Also answering correctly was Suresh, Michael, Harish, Ellen, Alex O, Chris Hsiung, Julie Wu, Alison Storm, Nancy Gorden, J Lee, and Bill Hastings who answered crypticaly…and maybe right? Not sure what those numbers are but I’ll trust you that you’re right! Also cudos to those of you that answered on facebook. Unfortunately none of you were right. Sorry! Thanks for playing folks, see you again this Friday!


  1. Sorry, those “cryptic” numbers were the longitude and latitude. Copy them and then paste them into Google maps, and it will show the location.

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