You Won’t Be Seeing This On United!

Since my wife is a United flight attendant I couldn’t resist posting this! This is Cebu Airlines from the Philippines. Come to think of it…I’d LOVE to see Lesley do this routine!


  1. NO you won’t be seeing it…. not in our frumpy uniforms!

    Seriously- these dumb passengers are not paying attention to the safety message just the messengers!!

  2. With the way airlines are nickel-dime’ng passengers, we will likely see a change in the security message as

    “In the event of change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Slide your credit card to start the flow of oxygen. Charges are $15,$20,$25 for the first, second and the third masks.”

    “In the event of a water landing, life jackets will be available for sale at all exits. Cost per jacket is $1000 and a non-refundable processing fee of $50 will be charged upon exit.”

    “Lifesaving Defibrilators are available on-board for a fee of $500 per discharge”

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