OK, I realize I’ve sort of abandoned the whole real estate concept lately, but Holy Cow!…have the Giants been fun and amazing! I went to the game last night…without a doubt it was the most incredible sporting experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been to numerous NFL playoff games, a couple of conference championship games, a US Open in golf, A Final Four in college basketball and a college football championship game and absolutely nothing has come close to the experience of being at the World Series last night! My friend Gil and I figured we’d leave a little early so that we could get a bite to eat before the game started at 5:00PM, so we got on Caltrain at 1:53 at San Carlos. The train was packed! Apparently we weren’t the only ones with this idea. When we got there we discovered that King Street was closed to auto traffic and the crowds were thick. I’m betting that folks got there before noon. There were lines a couple of blocks long to get into any of the restaurants on King Street. Momo’s, Public House, Pedro’s Cantina and Amici’s were packed…no chance for us to get in there!

There were probably triple the number of folks wanting tickets vs folks scalping them. I’ll bet I only saw 8 to 10 tickets available while we strolled around that neighborhood. One guy wanted $1000.00 for a single standing room only ticket. He probably got it. A friend of mine who went up without a ticket told me he finally got one in the 4th inning…for $275.00. I’d guess that there were an additional 20,000 people in the neighborhood that didn’t have game tickets. Most wanting to just take part in the incredible carnival atmosphere.

Gil and I walked up to Townsend Street and checked in at Tres Agaves…there was a 2 hour wait for a table. Same thing at Paragon. When we drive to games we routinely park in a garage across the alley from Tres Agaves. It’s always $20.00 to park there. Yesterday it was $70.00! We finally got lucky and got a table (someone had just canceled a reservation!) at Ironside on 2nd Street. It was great…I had the Pressed Cubano sandwich, Gil had a personal pizza. Walking around that neighborhood before the game, I’m not sure I had smelled the unique aroma of pot more frequently with the possible exception of a Doobie Brothers concert I went to in 1978. This was NOT the usual Giants game experience!

The game itself was surreal. For awhile I thought Tim Lincecum had spent too much time outside of the ballpark, especially on the weird play in the second when he chased the runner back to third without a play! Still, the Giant’s scoring blast allowed the accumulated release of a ton of tension from the 43,000 plus at AT&T. It was an incredible night and really the only sour point occured when the train back to San Carlos had to stop at Hillsdale so that the police could board and arrest some drunk fans. Actually that just added another story…so maybe it wasn’t really that bad!

Anyway, I’ll be back to real estate soon.

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