Slowly, But Surely

Honestly, this has been confusing me for the last several months. I keep hearing from insurance folks that this fall was going to be the time that the FEMA flood map would require everybody to buy flood insurance, yet nobody I know had received a notice that they needed to do that. Turns out that

San Mateo filed a request with FEMA requesting that the boundary of the assessment district be granted a “Zone A99/Adequate Progress” designation. FEMA is currently reviewing the city’s request and will not issue a final letter of determination regarding the new map until this issue has been resolved. This means that the date for finalization of the new revised map is uncertain.”

Once Foster City gets notified of that there will be 6 months to buy the insurance, hopefully at a lower rate. It’s also important to note that work is being done on the San Mateo side that will eventually solve the problems here. There was a nice article in yesterday’s San Mateo Daily Journal about this whole topic…here’s a link below.

Levee project inches ahead

I’ve got to believe that this is all going to work it’s way out and nobody is going to get hammered by high flood insurance rates. Let’s hope.


  1. Dana Ferri says:

    I’m banking on it!

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