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SAN MATEO-FOSTER CITY 846 836 D 10        
Elementary Schools
  Albion H. Horrall Elementary 731 729 5 2   No No No
  Audubon Elementary 908 890 A 18   Yes Yes Yes
  Baywood Elementary 941 946 A -5   Yes Yes Yes
  Beresford Elementary 841 780 5 61   Yes Yes Yes
  Brewer Island Elementary 952 949 A 3   Yes Yes Yes
  College Park Elementary 738 763 5 -25   No No No
  Fiesta Gardens International Elementary 776 769 5 7   Yes No No
  Foster City Elementary 952 932 A 20   Yes Yes Yes
  George Hall Elementary 818 823 A -5   Yes No No
  Highlands Elementary 879 872 A 7   Yes Yes Yes
  Laurel Elementary 861 841 A 20   Yes No No
  Meadow Heights Elementary 854 842 A 12   Yes No No
  North Shoreview Elementary 841 852 A -11   Yes No No
  Park Elementary 766 789 5 -23   No No No
  Parkside Elementary 767 777 5 -10   No No No
  Sunnybrae Elementary 808 799 1 9   Yes Yes Yes
Middle Schools
  Abbott Middle 832 803 A 29   Yes Yes Yes
  Borel Middle 816 826 A -10   Yes No No
  Bowditch Middle 912 910 A 2   Yes Yes Yes
  THE Bayside S.T.E.M. ACADEMY 722 696 5 26   Yes Yes Yes

OK, here we go again! This time the State of California’s Academic Performance Index (API’s) came out…and all of Foster City’s schools lead the pack in this district. All three are over the 900 mark, congratulations to Audobon School for making that increase! Both Foster City School and Brewer Island School are tied for the district’s top spot. Needless to say…it’s really impressive. Listed alphbetically above, Foster City does an amazing job when compared to others…and that includes Bowditch Middle School as well. It’s also interesting to note that FC schools outpace all of the similar schools in the vaunted communities of Burlingame and San Carlos as well. Congrats you guys!


  1. Anita Reimann says:

    fyi, all those 2010 numbers are a little wrong.. the district forgot to count all the kids that had changed schools in the previous year. The note we got from the district this week says they left out about 25% of the total students, so all of those numbers are going to change a bit.

    Not to say that FC doesn’t have great schools, though.

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