Too Loud?

Ever get bugged by noisy neighbors? Neighbors that seem to always have a party of some kind going on? That scenario has been going on for quite awhile in Foster City between the folks who live at Whaler’s and the folks who own Gold Medal Martial Arts. Seems that the tae kwon do classes at Gold Medal involves some yelling that have been annoying some of the Whaler’s residents for several years now. The back of the studio opens onto a boardwalk along the lagoon. The neighbors claim the studio — by leaving the back doors open for ventilation during children’s classes — disturbs their peace and quiet. One resident claims the noise has affected the health of her husband, who has lung cancer.

As a result, the City is going to explore a zoning change to resolve this dispute. Looks like the city attorney is going to look into the feasibility of amending the zoning requirements for neighborhood business districts. That process is supposed to last a couple of months.

Both sides appear to be pretty certain of their positions and have already gone through with one mediation without a resolution.  I can’t imagine the city being too crazy about regulating noise in public places. I’m curious how Leo Ryan Park can have live music in the summer without causing problems for neighbors at The Islands. Is Gold Medal that much louder than Chevy’s is on weekend evenings? The windows are always open in there. Not that I’m saying Gold Medal isn’t noisy…it’s just that I personally can’t imagine it being worse than lots of other areas where noise is obvious. Sea Cloud Park sure hasn’t effected values at Alden Park of Plum Island. I’m thinking Sea Cloud can be pretty noisy?

At any rate, here’s a link to yet again another Mercury-News story on a FC topic:

Foster City Steps Into Noise Dispute


  1. You can legislate common sense. People who are noise averse should go to shopping areas where there is no Martial Arts Studio! What’s next? No laughing and screaming at playgrounds? No cheering in sports bars? Can you say– Police State? Just my humble opinion.

  2. Wow, this is pretty crazy stuff. Can Foster City be any more quiet? People need to live in Manhattan to know how dead FC really is! Besides, shut your own windows! Good grief. What a waste of tax dollars.

  3. When do kid classes end? It can’t possibly be that late. And during the day… it’s a public area. How about we regulate traffic on busy streets because it’s too noisy? Or what about dogs that wake up my daughter during naps? Can we pass restrictions preventing them from barking? If you want it quiet 24/7 don’t buy/rent next to a shopping center!

  4. Honestly, This is the single most reason I left foster city after having lived there for about 9 years. I loved foster city for the place and how everything is self-contained, somewhat reminds me my small town.
    However, The City does not seem to care for the young families at all as they focussed more resources on , lets say senior living as opposed to high school. Or just this case about noise from tae kwon do classes. Seriously, Does the city cared for the noise in apartment buildings. yea maybe until they had gunshots in Beach Cove. I am happy with the move and enjoying my new community wherein the city hears us from everybody. Not just from whoever that has the means.

  5. Wouldn’t Chevys make more noise? Or even Edgewater Pizza? There are always people outside smoking and talking. Heck, Spices has a piano bar/karaoke. Someone must have something against the owner of Gold Medal because it just doesn’t make sense.

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