So, the strangest thing happened! I don’t work for Re/Max anymore. It feels weird, since I’ve been with Re/Max seemingly forever. As of today I’m with Sotheby’s International Realty…actually Today/Sotheby’s to be clear. Oddly enough, it wasn’t a move I made myself, necessarily. Earlier this year our broker owner discussed with all of us their desire to end their contractual relationship with Re/Max as a parent/umbrella organization and move on to something else. Of course I’m not sure of all the details as to why they were motivated to make that pretty large divorce but the truth is that it really doesn’t matter to me. I trust them.  

In 1999 I when I decided to move from another Re/Max office to Re/Max Today I had a ton of feedback that suggested that this office was a shark tank filled with ruthless predators and I would get eaten alive. Re/Max Today was by far the most sucessful office in San Mateo County and that fact seemed pretty appealing to me. I wanted to afiliate myself with the best because I thought it would help my business. I thought being in an environment where there was alot of success might rub off on me and make me better. I was right. Shark tank? When my daughter Christina was born in September of that year and had that genetic skin disorder that I’ve written about, the office threw a baby shower for us. We got gifts from 56 agents and the office hosted a little party for Lesley and I. Do you suppose I have some loyalty? Sharks? Please!!!

Here’s what I believe…the office is the people in it, not the brand name on the shingle. Yesterday, Re/Max Today was the top office in San Mateo County. As of this morning at 11:12AM (right now) Today/Sotheby’s in the top office in San Mateo County. We’re all here together just like we always have been, largely because it’s collectively valuable to us to work in an environment where alot of positive energy exists and sales are actually taking place. Sotheby’s clearly has a valuable brand name, heck the place has been in business since 1744. I suspect that we’ll do incredibly well. I suspect it because I know the people down the hall and all around me. They’re the best group of people I’ve ever worked with.


  1. So…….the Blogs and the weekly photo contests continue?

  2. Absolutely…no changes to the important stuff.

  3. Congrats on the ‘move’, Jim. Sotheby’s has a high-end brand recognition that automatically pulls a good portion of clientele in that target market. In my market, Coldwell Banker is the king of the hill, but Sotheby’s just has such a giant recognition that a good portion of the ultra high-end inventory somehow list with them.

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