Dog Park…Danger Zone?

Who would have thought the Foster City Dog Park/Boat Park could be a local trouble spot? Turns out it’s been an issue in the past few months some concern exists that it might be temporarily closed so that folks can get their acts together…so to speak.

A couple of weeks ago a 69 year old woman got into an altercation with 37 year old man and actually bit him in the process. “Woman Bites Man at Dog Park” could be the headline, that is if somebody published such arcana (other than me of course). On top of that, and a couple of weeks earlier, another man got bit by his own dog after his pooch and another one got into a fight.

The city seems to be somewhat concerned that the people using this park have been a little goofy lately and would like to see the situation calm down. It would appear that some folks are not complying with the 3 dog rule as well as rules about keeping dogs on leashes in the parking lot.

I have no doubt that this’ll all blow over. Wouldn’t you think?  Here’s a link to the Mercury News Story from earlier this week:

Ugly Incidents At Dog Park Worry Foster City Officials


  1. Pam Frisella reminds of the old-style school teacher who would keep the whole class in late because one student was misbehaving. Hopefully, she will realize that closing the park for any amount of time would accomplish nothing more than punishing the well-behaved blameless dogs who need their exercise.

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