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So, the strangest thing happened! I don’t work for Re/Max anymore. It feels weird, since I’ve been with Re/Max seemingly forever. As of today I’m with Sotheby’s International Realty…actually Today/Sotheby’s to be clear. Oddly enough, it wasn’t a move I made myself, necessarily. Earlier this year our broker owner discussed with all of us their […]

The Seller & Inspections

Just about a month ago I did a post offering tips for sellers who are doing home inspections prior to listing. Well, here’s a good reason why sellers should always inspect before their home goes on the market. Some clients of mine found a house they loved and, wanting to do some investigation about it […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 123

\ Wow! You guys were great this week! Last week virtually nobody got that symbol at Edgewater Place and this week a whole bunch of you nailed the Port Royal Association Pool building. Great job! Congratulations to Edna Chin who was first on the scene and wins the $30.00 gift card to Baja Fresh! Also […]

No Offense…But?

OK, I found this when blog reader Nicole Fabris posted it on facebook…so don’t get mad at me. It’s Hysterical!

Funky Foto Contest Week 123

OK, if you thought last weeks pic was hard…then let’s see how you do with this one? This is actually a great and challenging one! If you’re first to call this correctly you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Baja Fresh. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand […]

What Else Is New?

  API   Met Growth Target   2010 Growth 2009 Base 2009-10 Growth Target 2009-10 Growth   School- wide All Subgroups Both Schoolwide and Subgroups     SAN MATEO-FOSTER CITY 846 836 D 10           Elementary Schools   Albion H. Horrall Elementary 731 729 5 2   No No No     Audubon […]

A Cut Above

I’ve mentioned this here before but it’s certainly worth talking about some more…Foster City is almost uniquely blessed among Peninsula communities when it comes to it’s financial condition. The city got a bunch of good news recently when it was discovered that their reserve balance is $2.1 million better than was expected. Foster City ended […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 122

Now really…I actually thought this would be much easier than it was! Friday’s photo was that little logo on the Edgewater Place sign. See it there above the W in Edgewater? Congratulations to first time winner Andy Lo who arrived with the correct answer and wins the $30.00 gift cards to Diamond Harbor Seafood…at Edgewater […]

To Life!

You gotta love this! First thing I thought was, how much did the bride’s parents drop on this wedding? Yikes! This video looks like it was shot by Martin Scorsese! The second thing I thought was, boy, the groom sure looks like he does this professionally! Fun!

Funky Foto Contest Week 122

Hmmm…looks familiar? Kind of obscure but something I’ll bet most of you see all the time. The question is…where is this thing? If you’re first to answer correctly you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Diamond Harbor Seafood. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well […]