Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 117

Like I said on Friday…plenty of choices. The big empty lot between the library and the PJCC and across the street from the rec center is actually called Parkview Plaza, or Village Square, or the 15 acre site or the Mirabella Project. Congratulations, though, to Ellen Hoogeveen for going way back in time and calling it Foster City High School. That was actually it’s original intent and the reason it sat undeveloped for so long. I couldn’t resist the irony of Ellen’s answer! Also answering with at least 1 correct answer was Jeff, Ling, Suresh, Dana Ferri, Nicole, Isabelle Bushman, Debbie, Nancy, Michael, AR, Bill, Kirstin, Shrikant, Jen, Janny Lee, and Kavita. Also, kudos to Bruce Dale and Barbara Rothe who nailed it on facebook. Great job guys…good knowledge! Thanks for playing, see you again this Friday!

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