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The Importance of Paint


I wrote this post about a year and a half ago and I think it’s as relevant as ever…so here comes a redo:

In yet another example of the wonderful world of technology and it’s applications to real estate, I ran across some websites that can be very helpful when contemplating painting a home. One of the big challenges anymore when painting is choosing from an enormous selection of colors! It’s really kind of unbelieveable as you can choose from shades with names like Dove Wing, Western Accoustic and Swiss Coffee…and these are all shades of White! It’s bizarre! Some clients of mine painted their house colors called Cottage Walk and Echo. Who knew?

Well, there are some really interesting and useful websites right now that can be tremendously helpful when making these choices and I thought it would be useful to pass this info along.  The first is a site called Colorcharts.org [1] and it’s great because it utilizes color selections from several different companies. You can also upload photos of rooms in your own home with your own furniture in it and actually then see how different colors go with your stuff. It also allows for you to match paint across companies and thus you’re not locked into one companie’s pallette. One caveat of this site is that you’ll need to register and there’s a fee of $9.95 for 30 days to use it.

Another great site is Behr Color Smart [2] . Of course you can pick colors from a large pallette and find pre set combinations ideas easily but the best part of this site is that you can put in a color you like and it will automatically find accents that match it. You can also put in the colors of your appliances and the site will match them too. Small tip…you’ll need to click on the little “color smart” tab on the Behr home page to get to the color selection tool.

I went to a listing appointment the other night and I think the sellers had 7 or 8 different colors on variious walls in their home. They all looked good too! It’s a truly different age right now and websites like these…and many others are a very valuable tool. Have fun!