No Laughing Matter…Kind Of

One of the unfortunate side effects of the economic downturn when it comes to Foster City is the recent demise of the ever vigilant patrol of the dog service that was employed to disperse the large families of Canadian Geese that tend to congregate in Foster City’s parks. You see, the city had a contract with a gentleman by the name of Henry Losee who has a small army of border collies.  Henry’s collies have been around town for the last 5 years to control the Geese…mostly because all that poop left by said Geese can be a real nuisance if you happen to be strolling around the parks in this town.

Seems that the Geese are so vast in numbers that it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for these critters to cover a pretty large area…with poop. The dogs chase them away. Mr. Losee calls the work his company does “humane harassment”. These birds used to be migratory but the good weather and the abundance of food ( they must LOVE the fact that Edgewater Place has so many waterfront restaurants!) has caused a bunch of them to call Foster City home.

Now, due to budget worries, Mr. Losee’s biggest customer is pulling the plug (so to speak) on the dog business. An alternative could be to hire somebody to chase the Geese away with a chemical spray but Mr. Losee thinks that’s a short term solution at best. Dogs are the best deterrent, in his opinion. Here’s an article from the San Mateo Daily Journal that goes into more depth about this potential poop problem:

Dogs no longer chasing birds in FosterCity

Perhaps we could prevail upon Foster City’s finance director, our friend, Steve Toler to shed more light upon this issue? Let’s hope some kind of alternative both presents itself…and works! I don’t look forward to future real estate disclosure forms that will have to include “Goose Feces Issues” on Foster City properties. And you thought Flood Insurance was a problem?


  1. Dana Ferri says:

    It’s a real problem! Who will want to waterfront property or to stroll F.C.’s famous parks if you have to constantly step around this digusting mess? Why couldn’t the City save some $$ by turning off the billboard at Leo Ryan Park (that is nothing but a distraction to drivers.. right near the police station, no less!) and re-employ Mr. Losee?

  2. Parkerton says:

    Okay, I don’t even live in Foster City, but even I can see that Mr. Losee is DESTINED for this job…just look at his name for goodness sake…”Losee…..Losee Goosey!” = )

  3. We have lots of hungry, surplus coyotes on our hillside. Foster City needs to adopt one as the city mascot and take him for walks (and maybe lunch) in the parks. Much more economical than 8 Border Collies.

  4. I believe the city was also paying for this guy to come by Audubon Elementary School. It would be a shame to lose him. The children wouldn’t even play on the grass before he came, it was so filled with goose poop.

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