Fun On The Water

One of the key features of living in Foster City is the opportunity to live in a waterfront home. There’s really no discriminating here either…you can live in a waterfront home whether you’re in a single family home, a condo, townhouse or apartment. It’s an equal opportunity lifestyle! My family always lived on the water here and I remember from an early age just how much fun that lifestyle was. You could take a boat to Edgewater place and have dinner or go shopping. You could sail to the main lagoon in front of the Metro Center and watch fireworks. It was great!

Now we’ve entered a new era of features related to living on the water…you could get shot while on the water! I don’t know if you saw this story in the media, and I rarely post about a local news story here…but I couldn’t resisit in this case. Here’s the Chronicle story:

Charges in shooting attack on noisy canoeists

Seems like some folks were goofing around a tad much in their canoe in the water east of Shell behind the Beach Cove Apartments around midnight last week. An outraged tenant took offense…and then took a gun out to confront the noisy boaters. During the argument the cranky tenant shot two men with his .22 handgun…both are going to survive and Mr. Crank is in jail facing two counts of attempted murder and five counts of assault with a firearm.

Maybe I shouldn’t make light of all this…but what a world! I just hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend! I want to sell waterfront homes!

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