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Since We Were Just There…

Truck Accident That Killed Rafters in Canyon Sparks Truck-Canyon-Rafter Reform Debate

Funky Foto Contest Week 115

No, it’s not representative of our area code. 650 has another meaning in the context of Foster City…and that’s this weeks question. What’s located at 650 something? If you’re first to answer this question you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Chipotle at Marlin Cove (or wherever). All the rules of the road are available to […]

No Laughing Matter…Kind Of

One of the unfortunate side effects of the economic downturn when it comes to Foster City is the recent demise of the ever vigilant patrol of the dog service that was employed to disperse the large families of Canadian Geese that tend to congregate in Foster City’s parks. You see, the city had a contract with […]

Loan Mods

Sometime last week I got an e-mail from a client of mine with a question about a loan modification he was attempting. Here’s an excerpt: “Hi Jim; Was wondering if you knew of any honest Home loan modification business’s?  You would not believe what some of these firms want me to do to have my […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 114

Well, Boothbay Park is just one of them actually. The rest of the Parks featuring tennis courts, that was Friday’s subject, are Edgewater, Leo Ryan and Catamaran Parks. A few of you mentioned Boat Park, but unless I’m mistaken the tennis courts there are actually on the north side of Bounty which would make them […]

Social Media 2010

Still amazing stuff!

Funky Foto Contest Week 114

There’s 21 parks in Foster City in all shapes and sizes…and offering all sorts of amenities. Having said that there are only 4 of them that have tennis courts. This weeks question invites you to name all 4 of these FC parks. If you’re first to do so you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to […]

A Tip For Sellers

Here’s a little slice of life. I’ve got some buyer clients who are qualified up to $900,000 looking for a house with minimum 3 bedrooms, one level, good area and not a tear down and, of course, a good deal. We were planning to go look at some places one Saturday recently. All of my clients are […]

Fun On The Water

One of the key features of living in Foster City is the opportunity to live in a waterfront home. There’s really no discriminating here either…you can live in a waterfront home whether you’re in a single family home, a condo, townhouse or apartment. It’s an equal opportunity lifestyle! My family always lived on the water […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 113

I think that one was a little harder than I thought it would be. Of course, Friday’s pic was of the logo on the side of the pumps at the Arco/Am Pm at the corner of Hillsdale and Edgewater. Congratulations to Harish Bashettihalli who’s been playing for a long time and finally wins! Way to […]