The Big 1-0

Sunday was not only Father’s Day…it was actually my daughter Elena’s 10th birthday. That fact trumps Father’s Day for me all day long! Because of this milestone event, we decided to do something a little different to celebrate. My wife Lesley has been a flight attendant with United Airlines for about 25 years so we came up with a sort of unique plan. Elena and I went out to the airport on Saturday night, bags packed, and ready to get on an airplane…and go somewhere! We weren’t sure exactly where we would go but we made plans and packed for a short trip to either Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver or Seattle. Since we fly on an employee pass we just figured we would get on whatever plane had a couple of open seats and just go there. Wherever there ended up being.

Over the 21 years that Lesley and I have been married we’ve done quite a bit of traveling…and we’ve missed a ton of flights too. It’s not been an uncommon experience for us to spend alot of time in airports trying to get somewhere and wasting alot of time in the process. Particularly in the last few years it’s been tough to fly standby since most every flight is full. At any rate Elena and I were prepared for an adventure. We actually got on our first choice and went to Denver.  Upon arrival, we rented a car and drove up to Boulder where we spent all day Sunday and the morning on Monday before heading back down to Denver, where we finished our trip and came home last night.

You know what? We had a ball! Elena got the tour of the University of Colorado (my alma mater) watched a ton of street performers in downtown Boulder, went to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, and ended up having a fabulous meal at Jax Fish House in lower downtown Denver. That’s the birthday girl up there in that picture…I think that was right about the time she found out the waiter was going to give her a piece of chocolate cake, on the house, to commemorate the big day.

As always seems to happen, I got offers on two of my listings while I was gone and probably ended up working too much at the expense of our time together while…but the truth is it gave me some real perspective. It was amazingly wonderful to spend that time with my daughter. She’s a terrific kid and I adore her and wish I could spend more time like that with her…as well as her sister Christina too (who can’t wait for her turn to go on a trip now!). I couldn’t think of a thing to write about all day today that had any Real Estate or Foster City application. I also couldn’t stop thinking about our trip and how grateful I am to have done it.

I think being a Dad beats being a realtor all day long!


  1. Very nice, Jim. I am glad you guys had a good time. You’re a cool dad.

  2. Jim, Happy belated Father’s Day. And well, I’m sure with the fact that the timing couldn’t have been better this year to coincide with your daughter’s bday made it all that much more memorable. Next time, get on a flight to Maui, you’ll enjoy that one too.

  3. Dana Ferri says:

    How wonderful! Happy belated birthday to Elena & Father’s Day to you!

  4. Patricia says:

    Great read, Jim, you know neither you nor Elena will ever forget that trip! Look forward to seeing you soon. Love you, Pat

  5. sheetal says:

    Happy Birthday to Elena! That sounded like quite an adventure.

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