Is It Slow?

This is the big question for alot of us realtor types right now…is it slow? The answer seems to change by the minute too! One minute I’m certain we’ve slid back into 2009…and the next minute it’s 2005. Weird! It really did seem very, very hot about a month ago and it’s not really like that right now…I think! What’s it like in Foster City is the question?

Currently there are 18 single family homes listed for sale here in FC. There’s also a total of 21 pending sales! Hmmm…not too shabby. In the condo/townhouse category there’s 38 units currently for sale and 26 pending sales. These are really good numbers folks. Back in December of 2008 there were 27 single family homes listed and 4 pending sales. Now, that’s slow! I think it’s actually kind of normal around here right now to tell you the truth. Certainly it’s going to be interesting to see what the future holds, huh? Here’s some new listings that are worth watching:

910 Laguna listed by Jan Majeski of Alain Pinel for $1,223,000. This is a really nice place and it’s undoubtedly going to get multiple offers at this price and in this location. It’s a 2680 sq ft 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house in terrific shape.

211 Duck Ct listed by Janice Woods of Alain Pinel for $849,000. This is a really cute 3 and 2 in great shape and priced right. It’s an 1890 sq ft floorplan and it’s clean.

1302 Melbourne listed by Rip Miller of Alain Pinel for $1,255,000. No, I’m not singling out APR agents today! This super nice 4 and 3 is actually the home of blog reader and foto contest participant Anita Reimann…and this is a really wonderful home! Go get um you guys!

1072 Tiller listed by Peggy LeDoux of Cashin Company for $759,000. See! Not everybody is from APR! This Bayfront Court townhouse is really incredibly gorgeous! It’s not a waterfront but it’s so nice it’ll be interesting to see how it does!

Is it slow? Let’s see how long it takes for these to sell…


  1. Anita Reimann says:

    Thanks for the plug :-).

  2. Jim, glad to see that FC is experiencing such good numbers. It seems to be a trend that is also exhibited in many markets nationwide (I know we just had a record-breaking sale in the Maui market). Any projections for the summer months?

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