Funky Foto Contest Week 110

OK, it’s kind of a weird one…I’ll give you that. It just sort of seemed obscure enough that it seemed perfect for this contest too. At any rate, the question this week is simply, where is this new thing we’re looking at going in? If you’re first to answer this question you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Jamba Juice.  All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as on the bar above. The winner along with all other correct answers will not be published until Monday morning. Any and all silly jokes, snappy quips and all wrong answers will be published immediately if not sooner. Have a great weekend!!


  1. foster city library

  2. Bank of America bank machine on Hillsdale.

  3. Fc library

  4. This is the new ATM thing at the public library, I believe. I just can’t figure out how it will be used!

  5. Bank machine at Metro Center?

  6. FC Lib

  7. THE bank where I work had just installed its first 24 hour cash machine. I encouraged an elderly gentleman to take an application for the new plastic identification cards, explaining that he would be able to get cash any time of day or night. He declined, saying, “Lady, anything I’d need money for that late at night I shouldn’t be doing.”

  8. Drive -thru bank machine – Hillsdale. Across from Fire Station

  9. Library – book return!!!!

  10. Foster City library

  11. Foster City Library

  12. Shrikant says:

    Foster City library

  13. Foster City LIbrary

  14. The library and it seems like we are way past “soon”!

  15. Foster City library book return. Now it’s working (as of yesterday at least), BTW.

  16. Nancy Haddad says:

    Foster city Library Book return

  17. ranjana says:

    Foster city Library

  18. The library

  19. sheetal says:

    Foster city library

  20. The book return at the library. Its taken 7 months and counting to get it up and running. Sometimes, technology is not the greatest idea.

  21. Wells Fargo Bank, Foster City

  22. its washinton mutual bank teller near safeway( closed after chase bought it)

  23. Jennifer says:

    Foster city library

  24. Chris Hsiung says:

    I know I’m way too late but that’s the new book drops at the FC Library

  25. debbi Seligman says:

    I’m sure I’m not the first to get this, but it’s the new return bin at the library. It should be great when it gets going!

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