Poker Face

I don’t know, there’s something about this zany viral world we live in that never ceases to amaze me. Ultimately, it’s just flat out wacky. Things happen that were totally impossible just a few years ago and transparency has sometimes reached absurd new levels. Let’s take the obvious, facebook, for example. Here’s a couple of actual updates from my news-feed today:

“Just had my carpets and windows cleaned. Everything is spring fresh!”

“My wisdom tooth! ow, ow , ow! I think it weighs like a pound!”

“looking forward to hangin’ with John Stepanek tonight :)”

“People are driving funny today…”

“Love my friends, love coffee… this morning I had coffee with friends, what a great morning.”

“Excited about the new comforter/bedding set I got yesterday. TOTALLY changing up the colors/shades of the MB.”

It’s deep stuff, huh? Where would we be in life without the knowledge gleaned from social media? We may actually have real conversations or something. Not that I’m judging or anything…I’m on facebook all the time.

Well, into this transparency fray leaps the wonderful world of Trulia Voices. Have you seen this site? Trulia is a real estate search site and when you’re there you should check out the tab “advice”. There you’ll find Voices and it’s Q & A section. Why do I mention this? Well, because this week we have an entry from a real live Foster City homeowner who takes real estate transparency to a new level. The first three words on this “Voices” entry…HAVE TO SELL.  Hmmm…the seller goes on to share that they listed the home on May 1 and took a price reduction earlier this week. The seller then asks “When should I lower my price again?” The seller even suggests a new price $10,000 lower than the recently reduced price! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Now that’s a poker face! Or not! It’s not exactly a realtor’s dream come true. Your client negotiating downward in the public domain for all the world to see.

What’s really funny to me is the answers! A bunch of folks from out of the area chime in, including one from the Chicago area. But really, you’ve got to take your hat off the the wonderful Vicki Moore of San Mateo’s Alain Pinel office who says “My suggestion is that you delete this question immediately.”

Like I said…only in the brave new virtual world! I love it! Oh, yeah…if you’re a buyer this may be a decent opportunity?


  1. Michelle says:

    That is a pretty awesome question… I am tempted to go to Redfin to find this listing. But then again, I should probably go to sleep instead.

  2. Frances Rokicki says:

    I wonder if those Realtors that answer, realize that, ethically, they cannot post an answer to a client of another Realtor:) Trying to be helpful is not a good excuse! I have seen this happen, live and in person. A man will simply say, oh, you’re a Realtor, what do you think? My first reply was, you are listed now? He answered, yes. Okay, that’s good. You will need to ask your Realtor to help you with that question. We have a strong ethics code and therefore, I cannot comment. The Realtors who were there with me, actually, started to answer him! I couldn’t believe it. They gave me strange looks as they walked away when I made my statement to him. They had no clue! Seriously!

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