Kicking Butts

The FC city council seems to be moving in the direction of outlawing smoking in all of the city’s parks. It was on the table to be discussed last night and it would seem to be the right time to make this move.  Cigarette buts are the most common form of litter with the inevitable clean-up being expensive, not to mention how many butts end up in storm drains and thus the lagoons, streams and the bay itself.

This isn’t a new trend as more than 90 cities and/or counties have adopted ordinances making local parks smoke free. Interestingly, only 14% of Californians smoke according to California’s Clean Air Project.

For some more info on this check out the SM Daily Journal’s story from yesterday.


  1. Jim,

    I for one do not agree with this. Smokers help pay for the parks with there taxes. I am also tired of people that think the goverment needs to have a law for everything. If Cigarette smokers throw the butts on the ground there is a law for littering. We are discriminating against smokers and yes I agree that there should be no smoking events, such as concerts, art & wine etc.. But not a law saying you can not smoke in a park you help pay for. What is next a law against people with dogs that keep bring their dogs to city events like 4th of July and the Art&Wine. To answer the question yes I am a cigar smoker and I have rights too.

  2. The litter issue aside, obviously Jeff is unaware of what it is like sitting downwind from a cigar smoker in a public park. There are those rare few who find the smell intoxicating, others who find it tolerable. But the majority, like myself, find it actually nauseating. Cigarettes are almost as bad, but the odor not as overwhelming.

  3. Roshona says:

    Ahhh- this is about cigarettes! when I saw the title I wanted it to be about banking executives!!

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