Shape Shifting


Remember this idea? It was only the latest plan for the 15 acre site in Foster City. In reality, it seems to me that as long as I’ve been around Foster City (about 35 years if you count the times I visited here as a kid) there’s been a plan for this property that ultimately has seemed to turn to dust. This one looked good too…until the economy took it’s toll on Mirabella’s plan for the large retirement community they had planned there. Last week marked the end of Mirabella’s exclusivity contract for that site, and guess what? The San Mateo-Foster City school board would sure like some consideration for use of that land!

It seems like kind of a strange place…but it’s really the only place. What they’re talking about is a site for a new elementary school. Not a High School. It’s strange because both Brewer Island and Audubon schools are pretty close by. The largest area of enrollment growth is on the southwest side of town. According to the district, Foster City’s elementary school population will grow some 25 percent, from about 2,000 students now to nearly 2,500 children in the 2011-12 school year.

I have no doubt that the City wants the Mirabella project to resume and finish.  They’re going to take their time figuring this out and I’m betting they’re going to be hoping that the economy rebounds significantly enough that Mirabella picks up where it left off. Here’s a Mercury News story about the site from last week:


  1. Shrikant says:

    I sure hope the city considers another school for part of the land. The property values in FC are what they are because of the schools.

    It would be ideal to have a school and retirement housing next to each other so that both sides of the population spectrum are taken care of.

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