Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 99


Well, we sure had a wide variety of answers on Friday! That really reflects how knowledgable you all are about this town! Good job! This weeks winner is Debbie Yeung who was first and nailed Bayfront Court as one of the waterfront projects. Good job Debbie!! Also arriving with correct answers (there were many choices) was Sheetal, Kavita, AR, Nicole, Lawrence Chu, Bonnie, Yee, Jeff Pounder, Shrikant, Karen, Erika Jahnke, Asif, Wendy, Joumana Aridi, Wendy, Deepa, Carole, Suresh, Dana Ferri, Edward Mayfield, Liz Roberts, Rob, Yair, Jan, Bruce Dale and Steve. Also Pablo Tempra and Ruth Sparkman on facebook. Thanks for playing folks! See you this Friday!

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