Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 100


Pretty good reception on Friday…although it took awhile to get the answer. Congratulations to Jeff Pounder who was first to nail the Hillbarn Theater as the correct answer. Good job Jeff!! Jeff narrowly beat Suju George who answered only minutes later on facebook. One of these days a facebooker will win this thing. Also answering correcly were Shrikant, Sheetal, Toshiko, Maria, Yee, Kirstin, Bill Hastings, Steve Toler, Jason Kwan, Wendy, Gana, Lawrence Chu and Sree. Great job folks!

Hillbarn is special this week because they have promised to provide 2 tickets for their upcoming production of Gypsy as the prize for the 101st edition of the foto contest! This coming Friday will be a little bit different and somebody’s going to get to go to the show! See you then.

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