Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 96


OK, way back in 2008 I did a foto contest using Bowditch, the sign to be exact, and only one person got it. The right answer came on Sunday too. Now everybody seems to know Bowditch and it was too easy. Go figure!! Congratulations to first time winner Ravi Dhingra who was there bright and early and won the $30.00 gift card to Noah’s Bagels. Way to go Ravi!! Also answering correctly (a long list) was Lakshmi, Jeff Deeney, Debbie, Suresh, Suju George, Harish, Linda, Yee, Charlotte, Sheetal, Edna, Sandy Hughes, Alex O, Rocio, Merle Bilbao, Jodi, Erika Jahnke, Rose Grant, Michelle, AR, Bonnie, Jerome, Bruce, Divya, Nancy, Slava, Joe, Asif, Pradeep, Shrikant, Lydia Martinez, Chris Hsiung and Ellen…not to mention Theresa, Joumana and Melissa who answered on facebook and not here. Great job everybody!! Keep trying…maybe this Friday is your day! See you soon.

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