Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 93


I was actually a little surprised at how many incorrect answers there were on Friday. The answer, of course, was the Edgewater Shopping Center along with multiple choices of businesses there. Congratulations to Sheetal Shetty who arrived first and won the $30.00 gift card to Cold  Stone Creamery. Great job Sheetal…who was consistently close in the past and finally got there first!! Coming closely behind were Debbie Yeung and Linda Atkins (who answered on facebook) and just missed by 2 minutes. Also answering correctly were Harish, Suresh, Sandy Hughes, Leslie Shirasu, Shrikant, Jeff Deeney, Bill Hastings, Steve, Edna, Deepa, Lilian, Erika, Jen, Chris Hsiung, Debbie Seligman, Nancy and Joe. Great job folks! Thanks for playing, see you again this Friday!

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