A Real Entrepreneur


Have you see this new Foster City newspaper? It’s (obviously) called “The Lagonian” and it hit the news stands this week here in town. It’s the product of 20 year old Alexa Hemken who took some time off from attending the College of San Mateo to begin this entrepreneurial dream. In this high tech, internet friendly age, Alexa is going old school by creating a print newspaper and distributing it…pretty much by herself. I found it at the convenience store that used to be 7-11 in Charter Square, but it’s available in shops and restaurants around town, while supplies last. Alexa also got some help from her old boss at Cold Stone Creamery (who bought ads) and her parents (who are acting as editors).

This is really great stuff folks! Alexa has an entertainment section, movie reviews, food reviews, puzzles, a police blotter, a calendar and a whole bunch of stories about things Foster City…including one about this blog! I really take my hat off to Alexa…it’s a bid deal to me to write a couple of posts on this blog where it’s the easiest thing in the world to do…much less lay out an entire newspaper, publish it and distribute it!! Way to go Alexa!


  1. this is good. looking fwd to pick up a copy.

  2. and the girls and I are proud of the article in it about YOU!
    We love you!!

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