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Paying Your Dues

One of the pitfalls about being a realtor and blogging about this business is the fear of getting into trouble by badmouthing somebody’s property or project. I really have tried hard not to do that…and sometimes that hasn’t been easy! At the outset here I want to sincerely say that I think Foster City has the best condo/townhouse projects on the […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 97

Sand harbor is sufficient, but to be technically correct it’s the north version of Sand Harbor. The part that’s right across the street from Charter Square. No matter, this weeks winner was Pak Hui  who wins the $30.00 gift card to Baja Fresh. Also arriving with the correct answer was Nicole, Suresh, Roger Haddad, Sheetal, […]

Don’t Judge Too Quickly

Don’t Judge Too Quickly… We Won’t. – Click here for more free videos I never saw these on TV…they’re amazing!

Funky Foto Contest Week 97

Last week was too easy…maybe this week will be tougher! The question here is what is the name of this project? If you’re first to answer correctly you’ll win a $30.00 gift card to Baja Fresh. All the rules of the road are available to view on the left hand margin as well as on […]

Flood Insurance…It’s Baaack

Remember that old flood insurance topic…the one we thought was resolved and finished? Guess what, it’s not. About 6 months ago Jackie Speier asked FEMA to delay the implementation of their new map to give time for San Mateo to complete their work on the levees and eliminate the need for flood insurance. Well, FEMA essentially […]


One of the reasons the Foster City real estate market has been hot so far this year has been the low amount of inventory here in town. We hovered around 10 active single family listings for most of the first quarter and as a result multiple offers have been common. Well, that’s starting to change […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 96

OK, way back in 2008 I did a foto contest using Bowditch, the sign to be exact, and only one person got it. The right answer came on Sunday too. Now everybody seems to know Bowditch and it was too easy. Go figure!! Congratulations to first time winner Ravi Dhingra who was there bright and […]

Be Careful Who You Date!

Hot New Relationship Book Warns Women: ‘Wake Up! He’s A Shapeshifter’ Two weeks in a row for the Onion! My sense of humor to a T!

Funky Foto Contest Week 96

Pay no attention to that fat shadow in the foreground! I don’t know who that is? Anyway, the shadow isn’t the question…the question is where are these blue doors? If you’re the first to answer that question you”ll win a $30.00 gift card to Noah’s Bagels over there by Costco. All the rules of the road […]

A Real Entrepreneur

Have you see this new Foster City newspaper? It’s (obviously) called “The Lagonian” and it hit the news stands this week here in town. It’s the product of 20 year old Alexa Hemken who took some time off from attending the College of San Mateo to begin this entrepreneurial dream. In this high tech, internet […]