Square 1?


Remember this? It was about a year ago that a delay was announced that told the folks that had signed up for the proposed new Mirabella project. This is the project that was set to complete the Parkview Plaza/15 acre site and sure has seemed to have been on the table for ages! If you recall, the plan to have a large senior center on this site was chosen a couple of years ago and sort of became controversial in parts of Foster City after the developer expanded the original plans and called for towers up to 12 stories.

That’s still the plan, but a week or so ago Pacific Retirement Services decided to return the $600,000 they had received in deposits from families who wanted to live in this project. Since the developers exclusive right to negotiate expires on April 1 of this year, and the SM-FC school board sort of would like to build a fourth elementary school around here, I think we can expect some discussion about the future use of this land…again.

The PRS folks are still saying they want to build on this site…so who knows? I personally love the idea of a “downtown” type destination for Foster City and while this plan wasn’t exactly Santana Row it’s better than alot of alternatives. I have no doubt that the City would love the long term revenue that would be produced by this project so I think we can expect that they will be pretty firm in their commitment to it, or something very much like it going forward. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s a SM Daily Journal link to a story about it:


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