Measure A


Last week it was pretty gloomy around the San Mateo-Foster City school board and the word was out that there was going to be layoffs of more than 100 employees. Well it seems that Measure A has passed by the narrowest of margins. At one point it appeared that it was leading by 3 total votes.

Passage will mean $6 million annually to the district but will not necessarily eliminate the need for more cuts. The district folk are still expecting to cut more in the future.

The new tax essentially renews a parcel tax that had previously been renewed in 2003 provides about $2 million in district revenue and it was set to end in 2010. A vote is going to occur on March 4 over a plan to cut various positions and the new tax plan will be a part of that decision making process. The final decision on cuts will be May 15.

Here’s a link to the Daily Journal’s story on this topic:

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