Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 92

Wow! Great job on Friday folks!! Congratulations to Ryan Chin for being first to answer that Friday’s Foto was the plaza behind Safeway in the Metro Center. I guess it helps that Ryan works at Visa! Also answering correctly (know knows who else works at Visa) was Nancy, Ranjana, Michael, Suresh, Nicole, Alex O, Maria, Tina W, Jessica, Glenn McEnroe, Kirk, Jenn R, Sandi Polsky, Melissa, Tezbear, Stephanie, Diane M, Karen, Erika Jahnke, Pam, Trisha, Sheetal (sorry again) Lilian, Kavita, Monica Martines, Chris Hsuing and Christina Drogin. An additional tip of the hat goes to Leslie Shirasu and Brandon Duyanovich who answered exclusively on facebook…unfortunately a little late too. Thanks for playing guys!! Great job everyone! See you again this Friday when we’ll do it all again!

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