Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 91


For some of you who spend alot of time there, this was easy. For others it was simply a process of elimination, for the rest…sorry! Congratulations to Dana Ferri who wins the $30.00 Starbucks gift card! Great job Dana!! Also answering correctly were Ryan Chin, DK, Erika Jahnke, Joseph Chandy, Jessica, Sheetal, Jenn R, Grace C, Anita Reiman, Shrikant and Jenny. Good job folks! Thanks as well to all of you playing on facebook! Looking forward to seeing you again this coming Friday!


  1. Hi Jim,
    Isn’t there a consolation prize for guessing it correctly 5 weeks in a row? 🙂

  2. You’ve been great Sheetal!! Keep trying (and get there a little earlier…)

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